After school Programme

This is an open facilitated session for kids (aged 10 - 14) who want to bring their ideas to life through one or more of the following topics:


3D Design / 3D Printing

Use Tinkercad (3D modelling software) to design your own object, or choose an object from and alter it to suit your own needs. Upon finishing your design you'll then use one of our 3D printers to bring your object into the "real world".

2014-06-10 10.02.38.jpg

Arduino / Raspberry Pi

Electronic micro controller brains - Arduino, BBC Micro and Raspberry Pis are tiny programmable computers that you can use to make electronics interactive, and learn about programming. Try one of our our kits and begin experimenting with running lights, sensors, and motors!


Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Have a go on our cutting edge Virtual Reality equipment, or become a creator of your own Augmented Reality experience using 3D animation, video, audio, social media, and graphic design, 

Days: Tues - Thur
Time: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Term 1, 2018 Dates: enquirers to

Cost: $20.00

Age range: 10-14 y/o