Abstract from proposal:

Small Box is the antithesis of Big Box retail.

All products within Small Box are locally fabricated. All products in Small Box can be digitally exported. Meaning that files, code and how-tos can enable anyone with access to digital fabrication tools to produce the product  using locally sourced materials and expertise.

It harnesses the capability of the Maker Movement and Fab Lab Network by providing a marketplace, meeting space, workshop and learning community from which new sustainable innovation can grow.

Small Box is Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy put into practice. 

Small Box is a small step towards changing the narrative around 'consumption' by directly targeting consumers. It's a first step towards Christchurch becoming a city of local producers who have the skills to design and prototype for digital exports. 

Small Box promotes a 'make-it-together' ethos with all products curated by local designers, makers and technologists who want to pass on their skills and expertise to others. It's an innovative take on retail, where the consumer becomes the producer, and in the process gains a deeper understanding of how we can create sustainable products that can be repaired, customised, repurposed or iterated, rather than thrown away.