The Fab Lab is designed to empower people to become makers and creators. It thrives on the motivation of its community.
There are many ways to get involved.


Firstly we are really keen to hear what you would like to do in the Fab Lab and how you would like to use the space. Flick us an email on 

Secondly, we are wanting to add more variety to our educational program. If you have more precise thoughts on what could be taught at the Fab Lab and have a class set up idea, we are really keen to hear from you too! Download the Class Proposal PDF and get in touch with us once you've got a good idea of what you want your class to look like, how our machines will be used and what the educational outcome will be.


We are creating a database around volunteers, sourcing out peoples skills and abilities and how they can contribute to FabLab. Fill out the form below, describing your background in related fields, such as engineering, design, crafting, community work etc. Being familiar with your skill set will make it easier for us to figure out which involvement makes best value of your time.

Volunteer Form

Become your own maker

Familiarise yourself with 3D modelling and CAD programs and source out what they enable you to do. At the Lab we manly work with Inkscape and TinkerCAD, these are open source, free programs, that you can either start working with on your own terms or attend a class. Click Inkscape or TinkerCAD to be redirected to their websites and install the programs.

Think about what kind of project you want to get going on. Will it be beneficial to you, maybe even the community?

Get in touch with us when you're ready to get making!

To find out more, read on Fab Labs and their origin.