Pop Lab

Pop Lab is a showroom for locally produced, digitally exportable goods. It showcases how sustainable production and conscious consumption reduces waste and connects productive communities. Pop Lab is “Small-Box” retail, the antithesis of a Big-Box retailer, where products are made in the retail space instead of mass-produced.

Retail - Workshop - Installation 
Pūmanawa (upstairs in the Boys’ High building)
The Arts Centre of Christchurch
11 December -17 February Open 10am-5pm Tues-Sun


What is pop lab

It is Circular Economy put into practice. It is a new and innovative way of communicating these systems in a fun and engaging manner.


sharing skills

Pop Lab is a small step towards changing the narrative around 'consumption'. It challenges economies of scale by selling experiences and skills with a take home product as an outcome.

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local retail

We are not only running workshops to make things locally, we are also selling locally produced goods made by artists, designers and makers from Christchurch and around New Zealand. You don’t need to buy gifts made in factories overseas when you can support people in your community.